I am Nino Lefevre

Being passionate about accordion, I’ve got my professional training all over Europe where accordeons are made and are being maintained...in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia,...

By cooperating with well known accordion factories, accordion builders, even a bandoneon builder, I have build a good and reliable knowledge and the necessary skills which I can use now fully at your service.

As an accordionplayer I perform as a member of Die Original Spitzbuam.

To book a gig you can easily contact me!

What can I do for you

With all brands and models of your chromatic accordion (button or keyboard) and your diatonic accordion, your bandoneon, accordina or concertina you can contact me for:

All maintenance and repairs

All accordion tunings

Installation of microphones

Designing and manufacturing own parts

How do I work

Nino’s accordeonservice is a house of confidence: I open your instrument while you are here. I discuss with you all visible, hearable, palpable defects and I inform you and I refer you to the foreseeable problems. For that research half an hour will be charged. If we decide to go on with the job, the diagnosis is free.

When can you reach me

By appointment only. My studio has no fixed opening hours. To avoid unnecessary travel, I advise you to contact me in advance without obligation.

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